SKIPPY® Brand Peanut Butter

Throwback Lunches

Sick of your weekday lunch routine? Bring back the classics with these throwback lunchtime recipes. Try mixing and matching your favorites to create your own unique throwback lunch.

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  • SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Creamy / Chunky with Jalapeño-Strawberry Jam on Whole Grain Bread
  • Black and White Snack Cake
  • 1 Green Apple
  • 1 Natural Fruit Leather
  • Cheese Puffs
  • Chocolate Almond Milk


  • SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Creamy / Chunky on Toast with Pom Seeds
  • Fruit Cup
  • Onion Flavored Rings
  • Iced Animal Crackers
  • Bubble Gum Strips
  • Juice Box


  • SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Creamy / Chunky
  • Truffled Popcorn with Parmesan and Chives
  • Baby Carrots
  • Brownie
  • Fruit Punch